I began my nursing career in 2010 as a maternal-newborn nurse. I always wanted to work with women in motherhood and love all things fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and newborns. I am wildly passionate about women’s history, nutrition, body literacy, herbalism, mind-body medicine and a functional and holistic approach to wellness. 

After my own health struggles and not receiving any answers, I dove deep into learning more about my body and how I could support my health and healing. Much of what I was experiencing as a woman, I even believed was normal because of common experience--goodbye painful and heavy periods! 

I had a new outlook on intentionality around my nutrition, the products I was using in my environment and on my body as well as my lifestyle overall. I soon learned what a valuable experience this was for the preparation of the conception of my fourth child. When we nourish our bodies, we nourish our future children and can improve outcomes  for both mother and child. "Healthy soil grows healthy gardens".

As I began to experience changes in many aspects of my health, I became fascinated and decided to further my education so that I could serve other women in understanding the wisdom of their bodies. 

When I’m not working with women on their health journey, you can find me with a pile of books around me (serious book addiction), cooking for my family, running barefoot with my 6 muddy boys and husband in our yard, learning about gardening and foraging, walking trails or planning our next travel adventure. 

A registered nurse; board certified as a holistic nurse and health & wellness
nurse coach.

 Lifestyle- hormonal- menstrual -Fertility & preconception health.


I'm Nicole

Hey there

All women deserve to experience vibrant health by connecting with and understanding the wisdom of their body.

As women, we are cyclical by nature. Our menstrual phases, hormones, fertility and overall wellness truly ebbs and flows through cycles and seasons. Our bodies hold an innate inner wisdom to help guide us in our wellness journey as whole women in mind, body and spirit.  

One of the most powerful acts we can do as women is to turn towards the tending of the health of our bodies so that we may live into our highest potential to experience, create and serve from a place of strength, vitality, empowerment and love.

For women who are on a fertility journey or desire to conceive, moving towards optimal health from a holistic perspective prior to conception can improve outcomes for both mother and child. Just as a garden that has been tended and nourished for optimal soil quality to "birth flourishing new life", we can also work to tend our own "inner garden" to do the same. The wellness experienced in pregnancy and for children starts before conception. 

Through the Women's Holistic Wellness Coaching experience, we work together to uncover your vision, desires, strengths, resilience, and capabilities. I meet you exactly where you are on your wellness journey and partner with you to craft a plan for action to get you closer to sustainable and transformational wellness as you define it. 

I specialize in coaching and empowering women in body literacy, hormonal and menstrual health, fertility and optimal preconception and postpartum wellness from a holistic perspective.